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From birthdays to anniversaries, holiday parties to weddings, client engagement to team recognition – We are here for all special moments of your life.

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A wedding is a big event and most people dream of making this special moment memorable and luxurious. We are specialists in making your dream come true: we organize every detail in order to exceed expectations.

With our professional team, the most important day of your life will be talked about in your social circle for years to come, as one of the best parties in life.

We custom design your Special Event. We provide completely bespoke planning, coordination and consultancy.

Before and After Wedding Party

To familiarize the bride and groom's guests before the big day, we suggest a unique and exciting Pre-Wedding party, in the most stunning location of Portugal: the Algarve. This celebration will ensure that on the wedding day the energy is unparalleled, with all guests in tune.

Perfectly blending professionalism and fun, our number one goal is to make your wedding planning as stress-free as possible for you. We want you to enjoy from the first decisions and be sure that everything will be as you imagined (or rather, we love to surprise).

The After-Wedding Party is also one of our special events. With our expertise, we guarantee that this is a moment adored by guests, as there is nothing better than the next day to comment on the most special and funniest scenes of the night and enhance the details of your amazing party. This event could, for example, be a Barbecue or a Paella night.

We fulfill all your wishes.

All stages of your event are safe with us us: guest accommodation, entertainment, refined menu, luxury transfers, beauty & spa and everything else you need.

No matter the style of the event, we are here to help! We have in our portfolio the organization of a wide variety of events, such as birthdays and other celebrations, special dinners, corporate events and also entertainment.

Have you considered an environmentally friendly event? We work with local partners and choosing our solutions, plus to saving costs, you will help reduce CO2 by producing a green event with less impact to the earth.

Some of our Private Events


Your wedding day should be exceptional and stress-free, that's why we are the best option. We create and organize experiences with an original... design that you will remember forever. We give full attention to all the details, plus to ensuring the highest quality partners so that the D-day is speechless.

We specialize in organizing stunning events and help create the version of the wedding you've dreamed of since you were a child. With Social Algarve planning your wedding, you will certainly have time, peace and guarantees to enjoy all the stages, and of course, live every second of the party, without worries. We are here to make your life easier!

For a complete wedding experience, we offer pre and post wedding parties such as engagement parties, bridal or couples showers, bachelor parties, dinners, barbecues and much more. We are specialists in turning that long weekend in the Algarve with family and friends into the best days ever.

Birthdays and Celebrations

We believe that special moments in life call for special celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas and... New Year parties are just a few example of dates that should be celebrated in style with the people you love. Even if you are a more reserved person, certain occasions must be memorized, such as buying the new house or the long-awaited promotion in the company.

Whether to organize a big party that will stop the city and be talked about for years to come or to take care of every detail of a more intimate dinner in the comfort of home only with those who really matter, we are here for you.

We have the best partners on our team to make your celebration happen with all the sophistication and high quality. We plan, produce, coordinate and supervise each stage with the all attention needed, to allow you to just enjoy your special event.

From decoration to catering or from to choose the venue to staff training, we handle everything in a personalized way. Thinking of a themed party? We set the stage and guarantee exclusive entertainment. At your disposal!

Special Dinners

Gathering family and friends for a special dinner is definitely in the top 5 of the best things in life. Create and customize your own dining experience,... prepared and served in a location of your choice.

From sunset cocktails to celebrate your engagement, banquets on the beach, a special dinner in your holiday Villa or a special celebration aboard a yacht… the options are limitless!

We offer an exclusive selection of dishes with carefully crafted menus. Our Private Chefs are happy to assist you with any special requests.

Your special event could be a memorable sunset dinner on the beach with friends and a personalized menu or a amazing time for you and your loved one, in a secluded historic location with romantic decor and a Chef specializing in Sushi, for example. Sounds nice? Just say your thoughts and we'll make it a reality.

Corporate Events

The Algarve is a perfect destination for corporate events. Good weather all year round, hotels among the best in the world, ...impeccable cuisine, venues with high service capacity, strategically located airport and, most importantly, Social Algarve to assist you in every experience during your team's stay in the Algarve.

We know that nowadays it is quite easy to get information on the internet. However, to ensure a high quality experience, is recommended a local and experienced Agency, like us, to advice you with your needs.

Our expert team is here to guide you on the entire process of organizing your corporate event, with a proactive and willing attitude to perfectly take care of all the smallest details. We have a long history of making special moments happen with a focus on business audiences, from small-scale seminars, board meetings to large general meetings.

For your event to be a reference, we indicate the best - and sometimes unlikely - places in the Algarve, such as a paradisiacal beach or the highest quality venue, with exclusive menus and creative and unprecedented entertainment solutions, that reflect the positioning of your company.

We also take care of the entire stay and transfers. We organize congresses, conferences, coffee breaks, cocktails, dinners, team building, incentive events and any other corporate meeting format.

Catering & Staff

A successful event does not only depend of meticulous organization. To correctly execute what was previously planned, ...the event staff needs to be "The dream team".

Whether it's a birthday party, social events, baby showers, New Year's parties or business meetings, we only work with the best event professionals in the Algarve.

As event organizers, we understand that every event is different – ​​and that's what makes each one unique. Social Algarve is here to take care of any detail of your special moment: catering, audiovisual, structure, decoration, entertainment, promoters, bartenders, waiters and everything else. Plus to the staff, we are present at every minute of the celebration, to guarantee the coordination and supervision of all stages.

In addition to the high quality staff, we provide the rental of the necessary materials, such as crockery, glasses and decoration items. Our mission is to make the organization of your event stress-free. That's why we invest in team training and closely assist every processes involved in the event.

Venue Finding

We are specialists in events and, by the way, this is Social Algarve great passion. We know that the venue chosen for your celebration directly ...influences the success of the event and this is one of the points that usually has a considerable impact on guests.

From meetings, seminars and conferences to receptions, dinners and parties, we assist you to find the perfect venue for your special event. Whether it's a more intimate event or a celebration for over 400 people, we have access to the best venues in Algarve, with exclusive dates and the best prices, provided by our long relationship with the main venues across the region.

For the event venue right choice, we consider the theme, objective, size and the audience target of the event, as well as the season of the year. All the other steps present in your celebration are designed to be in total harmony with the chosen space. No matter the type or style of your special event, just let us know your needs and we'll take care of the rest!


Our events are distinguished by originality, creativity and, of course, the fun provided to guests. We have the best entertainment ... artists portfolio for your special party, plus unique ideas that leave everyone dazzled. We work on creating new themes with great scenarios, where all human senses are explored.

Our entertainment solutions explore colors, sounds and why not tastes and smells? We provide true fine art shows to your celebration in order to add value to your event with personalized performances.

We bring your playful desires to life with dance shows, musical performances, circus artists, live interventions and whatever else imagination allows us to create. With Social Algarve, your event can be a true art exhibition. Let's make it an unforgettable moment for you and yours!

Baby Shower

A new baby is a blessing that should be properly celebrated. Gathering all the family and friends, with a big party or just with the closest ones..., is the perfect way to announce the pregnancy or to find out the gender of the new member. A amazing baby shower is what we suggest to start this new stage in life. We organize your event as you have always imagined or design your baby shower with details never seen before.

We have the best venues such as gardens, ballrooms and great farms to host you event, plus the best catering service. We decorate the place with the richest itens to turn the moment into a true dream, where you don't have to worry about anything. Our baby shower events are totally stress-free.

Children are forever and your baby's first event should be unforgettable. That's what we're here for!