Don’t let your vacation slow down your fitness progress! Stay on track with our work out tips and enjoy the most of your holidays, without giving up your training routine and healthy life. If you don’t know how, check out the article below! Exercising on vacation might not be on the top of your to-do list,

The Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing is one of the most exciting competitions in the world of motorsport and Portimão will host this super event next weekend. With a technical and challenging layout, the Autódromo Internacional de Portimão is a favorite among many drivers and promises to make fans’ hearts race! The 2023 Grand Prix Motorcycle

We prepared the Ultimate Guide to guarantee that you will rent the best Algarve Luxury Villa on your next holidays! If you are planning a holiday in Algarve and want to rent a Villa, then this Ultimate guide will help you find the perfect house for your vacation. You already know that Algarve is one

Haven’t decided where to spend New Year’s Eve yet? The Algarve has plenty of options! There are many places with live music and clubs that will be filled with people celebrating this special night. However, if you want an airy event, there are also several options available for beach parties. This article will give some

We tell you everything you need to know, in a brief, about the 3 best casinos in the Algarve A casino might not be on your list of places to visit in the Algarve, however we can assure you that Algarve casinos are an incredible experience for those who like to bet their luck. Gaming

​​Usually associated with summer due to its paradisiacal beaches, the Algarve is surprising for being an incredible region to visit also in autumn. At the end of the bathing season, the tourists leave the city, however the good Algarve weather remains with temperatures not so high. This makes the beginning of the low season perfect

The history of the Algarve is one of its riches. The first archaeological remains found indicate that this region was already inhabited since the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. Even in the Years before Christ, the presence of the Celts and Phoenicians can be easily noticed through commercial inheritances. As well as the Carthaginians, who founded

The Algarve is much more than just beach and you already know it. One of the strong points of this region is the concentration of good restaurants, some with an added value: sea views. Impeccable food cooked by Michellin chefs, good atmosphere, creative cocktails, high quality service and a scenery that looks like a painting

Elected as the best European and World Golf Destination by the World Golf Awards, the Algarve Golf Courses has the bow of sport lovers who returned to the Olympic Games in 2016. The amazing weather, sun and direct flights to the Algarve from several points in Europe, make this destination one of the most popular

DESTINATION – ALGARVE BACHELORETTE PARTY Whether you are a future bride or bridesmaid, Algarve reveals itself as one of the best bachelorette destinations pleasing all members of the group. The warm weather and the sunny days almost all year round. Enjoy the beaches and islands, enjoy an afternoon of cocktails by the pool, and dine at