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Algarve Holidays Villas

 Villas in Algarve Christmas 2020

It’s not worth denying, the summer is over, we leave behind the hot days, the afternoons, endless sunshine and the salty baths in the sea. With autumn installed and the harbinger of cold, we began to think slowly about Christmas. Christmas is synonymous with family, so Social Algarve have the perfect villas to rent in Algarve at Christmas where you can enjoy a unique moment of pleasure.

We have villas to accommodate large or smaller families, the common denominator is coziness.
Our villas to rent in Algarve are, specially decorated for the Christmas 2020 with kitchens equipped to prepare the Christmas meal and traditional sweets.
If you prefer, our concierge team organises the gastronomic delights, of Portuguese Christmas, at your table, without any effort. In both cases, the crackling sound of the fireplace will accompany the meal.
For the more audacious, a dip in a wonderful heated pool, flanked by a jacuzzi, can precede the arrival of Santa Claus. The patio, decorated with a giant Christmas tree, will welcome the reindeer who will find it difficult to abandon such a special holidays villas in Algarve .

New Years Eve Villas

Foremost, the bubbly hotel parties and nightclubs and are suspended, for that reason, Social Algarve is committed to ensure that you don’t fall asleep before midnight.
There is a panoply of New Years eve villas in different geographical areas, in the Algarve, ready to host you.
If you want to party with friends is recommended rent a villa with a ballroom, if you want something more modest, we also have villas with large dining rooms where you will spend the best evenings.
The heated rooms will lull you to the deep sleep of the first night of the year. The translucent sky, the echo of the waves and the chirping of birds, at dawn, will remind you that the Algarve is also to be felt during the winter.

Villas For Families

Whether it is a weekend, a holiday, or celebration, the villas for families stand out for their elegance and comfort.

All rooms are, millimetrically, prepared to share a full experience with those you love.

The dining table is the key element of the cass, where it will create unforgettable memories.

The kitchen will be designed to suit your family and Social Algarve takes care of packing all the utensils and food you want.
You can also count on us to book dinners and activities in order to explore Algarve.
The pool will delight the youngest and the jacuzzi will allow you to experience romantic moments.
The sun will wake up your family every morning and the sunset will be the delight of the end of the day.

Event in Private Villas

If you are planning an event in Algarve, the Algarve holiday villas proposed by Social Algarve are the most suitable. Our selection of villas have all the attributes that will make your event in private villas memorable.
You will find a large space by the pool where you can set up the dance floor and bar; Dj, a poker area, welcome drinks lounge and thematic decoration, too, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
You will have the opportunity to merge the indoor space with the unrivaled outdoor space, noted by the vibration of the pool.
If you are planning an intimate celebration, Social Algarve provides a chef who will prepare delicious meal. Social Algarve deliver you the differentiating details of any celebration.

Luxury Hen Party Villas in Algarve

Firstly, the hen party is now as important as marriage. After all, this is the last goodbye to your single life, right?
Laughter and fun are essential. Thus, we guarantee luxury villas in Algarve with rigorous decoration, best location, accessories, photographs to give the opportunity to register the last single night.
Social Algarve will organise unique and bespoke luxury hen party experiences according your preferences with the best Algarve holidays villas.
Invite your squad to dine & party.

Luxury Villas for Large Groups

These luxury villas for large groups, are characterized by stylish design, best location and best prices.
As we know, the outdoor space is an important request for your group and our selection of  luxury villas will take all this factors into account.
Most of them includes a swimming pool, jacuzzi, barbecue area and bar. The indoor games room guarantees fun and promotes unity. Mini golf, sauna, tennis court, gym, indoor pool and  playground area are other attributes we can offer.
There are an infinite number of activities, promoted by Social Algarve, that will guarantee everyone’s fun. In addiction, these large luxury villas are strategically located near beautiful beaches, or on the top of a small hill, but all of them framed by an unqualified sun and stunning views.

Golf Resort

Primarily, Algarve is intrinsically linked to golf, therefore, we know exactly where to accommodate you to maximize your performance.
Golf resorts are surrounded by green areas, tranquility, ensured by the distance from the urban bustle, appeals to concentration and increases focused attention.
Our concierge team will deliver you a premium service. Don’t take the risk, play it safe with Social Algarve.
Please let us know if you need our selections of Algarve holidays villas.


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