Corporate Events in Algarve
Business Tourism

MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events / Exhibitions

As part as business tourism industry, MICE – meetings, incentives, conferences and fairs / exhibitions – boosted the Portuguese tourism industry in the pre-covid period.

Whether it is a brand, company or service, MICE is based on a type of specialized communication programmed to expand the disclosure of a transaction or commercial product and, therefore, attract customers.

Although it can be considered in the area of ​​public relations, brand activation and press consultancy, strategically, MICE fairs bring together, in large infrastructures, companies operating in the same industry.

The main advantage of this system is the dissemination, on a large scale, of your company’s service, to an audience that intentionally seeks what you have to offer.

At the moment, and regarding business tourism, Portugal is 7th at European ranking in the ICCA.


Social Algarve: Corporate events


At Social Algarve, we help you organize your corporate events from start to finish.

We know the importance that your customers have for you and that is why we put all our experience and dedication into every detail, so that your event is memorable.

Need help?

Corporate events are a fundamental part of any company’s marketing plan.

It is essential that the organization is adequate and that the execution of the event meets all the proposed goals.

A well-organized event foster long-term relationships with customers, increases sales, improves internal communication, and also market positioning.

From find the perfect venue to the transport organization, including decoration and extra activities during the event, nothing will be forgotten.

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